Mosquito Systems

Have you invested a lot in your yard and aren’t able to enjoy it due to pesky mosquitoes, gnats, flies and many other flying insects? Caylor Landscaping has diversified our product line and added a mosquito misting system. Until now avoiding mosquitoes meant using messy sprays on your body or avoiding going outside during their biting times. We can now offer you a guaranteed safe and effective solution to controlling insects in a selected comfort zone.

Our system will mist a biodegradable, botanical water based plant solution called PYRETHRUM. It is derived from chrysanthemum flower extract which is considered the safest and most effective product to control insects. It is proven to be effective on mosquitoes, flies, fleas, ticks, spiders, no-see-ums, and other insects.

Pyrethrum concentrates are low in toxicity to mammals and have no unpleasant odors. Our misting system is timer controlled to mist 3 times per day for 20-40 seconds each time. It also includes a remote control if necessary for intermediate misting in off season. We offer a one year parts and labor warranty. Let us custom design a system for your home so there is no longer a need to worry about pesky mosquitoes and other insects. Call today for a free estimate.